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Our training courses  are available throughout the year. You may contact us for availability of dates suitable for you. We can also come to your location to offer our courses. Call us for rates

Below are fixed dates for 2020

                                Date                                                                        Course                                            Venue

                                March 14, 2020                                      Basic Life Support (BLS)                      7th Floor SSNIT Emporium

                                March 20-22, 2020                                Advanced Life Support (ACLS)           7th Floor SSNIT Emporium

                                May 22-24, 2020                                     Basic Life support & ACLS                     7th Floor SSNIT Emporium

                                June 26,2020                                           Basic Life Support (BLS)                                    7th Floor SSNIT Emporium

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